ZELLIS Connect and Maropost Commerce Cloud are the same platform.  We are an Authorised Maropost Commerce Cloud Reseller.  

The difference with ZELLIS Connect is that the Maropost Commerce Cloud platform is supplied and supported wholly by us. With ZELLIS Connect you will typically experience faster support responses and can also access our +PERKS program to help you grow your business faster and stronger.

Find out more about ZELLIS Connect +PERKS here.

ZELLIS is a Maropost Commerce Cloud Gold Certified Partner and also works directly with many Maropost Commerce Cloud merchants who are not on ZELLIS Connect. 

Note: Maropost Commerce Cloud merchants on Neto360 or NetoXL plans are ineligible to transfer to ZELLIS Connect.

Our pricing also differs to Maropost Commerce Cloud.  Maropost Commerce Cloud's standard plans are designed for small to medium size merchants.  ZELLIS Connect is tailor made for medium to large online retailers, wholesalers and multichannel merchants who wish to access more personalised support, ongoing training and account management.  Essentially we work closer with you and your team to better leverage your resources and strengths for faster growth and long term sustainable success.

ZELLIS is known for our strategic and holistic approach to multichannel retailing.  Our deeper knowledge and understanding of the Maropost Commerce Cloud platform means, with ZELLIS Connect you get our continuous input and guidance on best practices and strategies that will improve your business. 

Here's a full overview of our platform features and functions.

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