+PERKS is our awesomely amazing benefits program that you get as a ZELLIS Connect subscriber. 

Every month, 25% of your subscription is allocated for you to redeem on website design tweaks and adjustments or to access our Merchant Services team for data or image work.  Each month's allowance must be used within the following month and cannot be rolled over.

Example 1
Let's say a few months after launching your new website on ZELLIS Connect, you decide want something added to your homepage.  We'll quote the tasks at our usual rates, take off 10% (another benefit of being with ZELLIS Connect) and only charge you if the value of the requested work exceeds your +PERKS allowance from the previous month.  This way you can get a series of changes made to your website throughout the year at no extra cost.

Example 2
You've just received details from a supplier of 100 new products they've released and you want them added to your website.  One of our Merchant Services team will be assigned to review the data from your supplier, identify and fill any gaps, reformat and restructure the data as needed, source and edit images if needed, and then import it into your platform database so the products are immediately for sale on your website (and other relevant sales channels too).  Your +PERKS allowance from the previous month is offset against the value of the Mechant Services hours.  Of course if you wish to get more work done that you have in your +PERKS allowance, you can commission the additional Merchant Services hours needed to get done what you need.

ZELLIS Connect subscribers also get a nifty 10% off all ZELLIS services including web design, integrations, data migrations and Merchant Services.

Refer to our Terms & Conditions for full details of our +PERKS program entitlements.