ZELLIS is honoured to be both an Authorised Maropost Commerce Cloud Reseller and a Maropost Commerce Cloud Gold Certified Partner.  

Being a Gold Certified Partner means we not only know quite a lot about how Maropost Commerce Cloud works and what's possible on the platform, but we also get excellent Reseller support from Maropost Commerce Cloud when we need it.  This means better and faster support for you, and the confidence to get on with your business without having to stress about all the back-end stuff.

We offer a full range full suite of services to support you and your business on ZELLIS Connect.  We've been delivering high quality ecommerce websites and marketplace integrations to Maropost Commerce Cloud merchants since 2015 and were first to achieve Maropost Commerce Cloud Gold Certified Partner status.

Whilst we'd love to provide any design and data services you may need as a valued ZELLIS Connect merchant, you are free to engage any solution providers and partners you choose.

We strongly recommend you only use Maropost Commerce Cloud Gold Certified Partners as only these firms have passed Maropost Commerce Cloud's partner capability requirements.

View the Maropost Commerce Cloud Partner Directory here.

Changes made by anybody other than us (including yourself) that may require troubleshooting, repair, data backup restoration or any other actions by ZELLIS to rectify may incur charges at our standard technical rate at the time. You are reminded that any changes to your webstore or the data and assets associated with it is subject to our Terms & Conditions.