Running a website means you're exposed to the world.  Most people are sensible and decent, but we all know there are dangers lurking online too.  ZELLIS Connect is powered by Maropost Commerce Cloud and therefore comes with the following security features:


  • SSL secure

Every webstore is issued an SSL certificate for their domain name.

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)

We use a global CDN on all webstores to speed up your customer’s browsing experience. The CDN also improves the security of your site with managed DDOS protection and a web application firewall (WAF).


  • Staff user permissions

User permission settings allow you to control exactly what each of your staff can see and do within your control panel (on a page-by-page basis).


  • Staff audit trail

Track every action a staff user takes by username and IP address. Restrict access to your control panel by IP address/location for added peace-of-mind.


  • Daily backups

We run automatic backups to ensure that your data will always be safe and sound. These backups are stored off-site for 30 days, allowing you to roll back at any time.  Find out here how to request a data restore.