Your product, order and customer data is backed up daily on our offsite and local servers for your peace of mind.  We recommend you also take periodic backups of your own key data too.

If you need to restore data for any reason, just ask.

Requests for restoration of backed up data can be made by contacting us here.  We will need to know the exact data you want restored, and the date and time to restore it from.  The data restore request will be forwarded to Maropost Commerce Cloud's data team for action.  Be aware it can take up to several days for data to be restored depending on the complexity and workload of the data team at the time of the request.  

Although we do take routine backups of your data for your protection, we recommend you also export key data such as product and customer information periodically too.  Automated data exports can be created in your cPanel and run daily or weekly as you wish.  Please speak with us if you would like assistance creating such automated data exports for your own records and local data backup.