Redbook or TecDoc tagging is available instantly to your webstore part finder and other guardrailing functions.  So if it’s not working, first double-check your Fitment Workbench to ensure the SKU is in fact tagged (maybe you forgot to save it), and if so, please contact us for assistance.  If you’ve tagged products for eBay fitment, the fitment will be updated in your ZELLIS Connect or Neto database within 1-2 hours, but additional settings need to be applied so new vehicle or motorcycle models tagged for the first time can be published into eBay.  This additional process takes place overnight.  If you can’t see eBay fitment in your ZELLIS Connect or Neto SKU record under the Categorisation section within a few hours of tagging in ZELLIS Auto, please contact us so we can check if there is an issue.